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:wow: This poem really left an impression on me, which is amazing in it's own right since that's exactly what one would hope to achieve fro...


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Hey there~ Welcome to my donation pool~! You can donate points if you'd like but I'm only going to give them to groups in need of them, I have no need of a Premium Membership, I just don't see the point for all the luxury. :/ So if you donate some points they will happily go to struggling groups who deserve it, ones with people who do their best to manage them, and one that are really helping and supportive of others. That is a grantee.

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タニア (Tania)
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States

Keeping it real since 1996, with a bottle of Coke and a mouthful of Twix.
*~I'm Unique~*

I'm ~
I am who I am.

Unstoppable ~
No one can stop me from being me.

Noticeable ~
I can be noticed for all of me, not just my appearance.

Irreplaceable ~
I'm just as different as a fingerprint, even identical twins don't have the same prints.

Questionable ~
I have my own methods, don't you?

Undefeatable ~
You can beat everyone, but you can never be better.

Expendable ~
I may be "nothing" while you are "something," but maybe that's how I like it. ;)

I'm In Love~

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 14, 2016, 5:14 AM
I'm going to post another journal to follow up on this one soon~ :heart:

Never Not Ever

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 20, 2015, 11:37 PM

Just A Thought Provoking Question:

Was there ever anything you practically swore that you would never do or even like that you have actually found yourself doing and/or loving?

Hey everyone~!
It's been a while since I've posted a journal and this has been on my mind for such a long time now. Sigh...

Well do you know have anything that matches my scenario?
It isn't so much about getting over something or growing out of something in your life, but rather a thing that you may have hated so much that it could have impaired your better judgement since you may have detested it so much.
I've been meaning to make a deviation (led by a chibi me) discussing the same thing that I have noticed.

I hated (and still technically do despise) cleaning in general. I hate being forced to go through all the effort to only go over something again or if it wasn't my mess to begin with. BUT, I do love actually cleaning as I get to find lost belongings, old memories, hidden gems, and get such a satisfaction from seeing the difference I have made.

I hated carrots with a passion as a child, but after my mother threatened me into eating them I realized that I actually love them.
[DO NOT take this example as good parenting, sheesh. My mother was mad that they were about to expire, plus whatever else happened that day, so she took out her belt and warned me that if I didn't finish that bag that I would be whipped.]
*But after several bites I actually liked it, no lie. One of my most preferable veggies.*

Other Once Hated Foods/Drinks
*Salad - Haha, I discovered a dressing that I liked.
(My mom always uses Thousand Island *UGGH* while I found Cesar and Ranch)
*COFFEE - AHH! My mother and her family are from El Salvador which my father says are notorious coffee drinkers which I noticed throughout my childhood. Every house we went to, no matter what time of the eFFing day it was, relatives ALWAYS offered coffee which my mom could never refuse. I was always burned and hated the taste. I am still not that fond of coffee and would never be my first choice of drink, but I actually really enjoy the coffee down at Taco Bell (where I work). It's a premium coffee, which helps, but since I'm an employee I get to make it exactly how I want and love it. Haha. I only drink in the morning when I'm really tired though.
*Tea - My mother is the person who always is trying to find new ways to "cleanse her system" so she has grown into this idiotic habit of drinking tea with the intention of either healing her or a way to break down a late meal. I hate the taste of just about every tea I can think of, that is until I discovered green tea~ I can actually stomach the stuff and it is AMAZING in a frozen frappe form~

Haha, Boys. Yes, boys.
This I'm positive is more of a maturity thing, but I HATED boys in my earlier years. I turned into something of a sexist out of the sheer anger I felt towards them. I grew up in a more traditional home where a "man's role" and a "woman's role" are defined and I hated boys for that. I have an older brother who is quite lazy and slothful that gets away with not doing a chore while I have heard the label pinned on me by parents all too often "Tania, you're 'the lady of the house,' you cannot be lazy and are expected to do more." "That's not what girls do." "Act more like a woman." Sigh, the list goes on and on. But you see, I'm a tomboy -I love to do as boys do whether or not it is "unladylike" or makes me seem like a "lesbian" which is total bull honestly. Once when I was about 10-12years old, I told my dad that a couple friends told me that I'm a tom and it's just a way to describe exactly what I was. Ha ha haa... It was as if I came out as I was gay or something, (I do like males romantically, mind you.) We were in the car at the time and he abruptly stopped the car. My dad turned around and yelled at me with such malice and spite in his eyes that I could only quiver in terror. He told me to never say that word to him ever again and that it wasn't true, so I did.

Despite my awkward tomboy nature, as well as the phase where I damned boys' existence, I have had crushes as late as senior year in high school to as early as a cute little one in 2nd grade~ I just didn't realize that they were crushes. So yeah, xD I do find boys attractive, but I prefer feminine boys I suppose, maybe to balance out with my masculine nature. Haha. I hate muscles, I love longish hair, and if they are the dependent type/are very shy or weak I lose myself. x3 So... Enough of that. Haha.

I've been typing for WAY too long. I need my sleep! D: (I started at like 1am, now it's almost 3am when I go to work at 4am. Haha...)

SO please do think about that question and please provide some of your own examples, I'd love to hear from you~

(Sigh, but I doubt I'll receive even a few honestly... ^^;)

*I do plan on writing a follow up since I really want to talk about another one of my once hated things that has really effected me: FIRE EMBLEM!*

After thinking more about the tomboy thing I started to recall some depressing memories from when I was a little girl. MAN. I really want to do something with it, at least post some literature. I doubt it's such a problem nowadays, but being in tomboy when and where I was in my youth was tougher than I thought. Since I'm a teen (now an adult - almost 20) I have been through many situations where I would have rather stopped than continued living. Uggh. Looking back it just brings me to tears how anyone could have felt like their life wasn't worth it, especially myself since I find it so unbelievable now. And here I am imagining little ol' 9-10 year old Tania feeling that. Damn. It makes me tear up.

  • Listening to: "Centuries" & "Immortals" by Fall Out Boy
  • Playing: FireEmblem Awakening & PhoenixWright DualDestinies


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